Hotel Safety Program

Hotel Safety Program is a Europ Assistance program that responds to the new travel needs that we make available to our guests for greater protection and safety of their holidays.

The cost of insurance is 5,5% of the total amount of the reservation and payment is required at the time of signing the policy.

Below are the main insurance guarantees of the program. All the conditions and other guarantees provided by the insurance are present in the DIP (Pre-contractual information document relating to the insurance product) and can be consulted from this link.


Assistance Guarantee

You can also request the following benefits from Europ Assistance in the event of epidemics / pandemics from Covid-19 that directly affect you during travel, a family member traveling with you, as long as they are insured, a travel companion, as long as they are insured.

Road Rescue and Depannage.

Medical advice, sending a doctor or an ambulance to Italy.


Medical Expense Guarantee

Europ Assistance pays for you (if there are the technical and practical conditions to proceed) or reimburses you for the urgent and non-postponable medical / pharmaceutical / hospital expenses, which you incur in the place of the accident, during the period of your trip, in the following cases: if you are affected by a sudden illness or injury, if you test positive for Covid-19, ascertained by clinical tests.


Hospitalization Indemnity Guarantee

If within 10 days of returning from the trip, you have been hospitalized for at least 5 consecutive days for Covid-19, Europ Assistance pays you a compensation of Euro 1,000.00 per claim. The guarantee is valid for one event only during the term of the insurance cover.


Trip Cancellation Fee Guarantee (Covid-19)

You can request this guarantee when you have to cancel or modify the booked trip, for objectively documentable, unforeseeable causes or events that are not known to you at the time of travel confirmation and that prevent you from participating in the trip, which directly affect you and / or yours family members.

Furthermore, you can request this guarantee when you have to cancel or modify the trip, following a positive result from Covid-19 ascertained by reports with positive results that has affected: directly you and / or your cohabiting family members; your travel companion directly.

Europ Assistance indemnifies the penalty, contractually applied by the Tour Operator.


Travel Fee Refund Guarantee (Covid-19)

If you, your family members traveling with you or your travel companion during the trip are forced to interrupt your stay in the event of:

– hospitalization for epidemic / pandemic from Covid-19;

– forced quarantine from Covid-19;

– ordinances / regulations imposed by the supervisory bodies of your country of origin require you to return early to your residence;

Europ Assistance reimburses the cost of the unused stay for the missing days to completion of the same starting from the day of interruption.


Extension of Stay Guarantee

If you and / or one of the people who occupy your same room / housing unit tested positive for the Covid-19 swab during the period of stay in the Accommodation facility, Europ Assistance will reimburse you the costs of extending your stay on site (food and accommodation).


Refund Guarantee for late arrival

Europ Assistance reimburses you and, if they are insured and traveling with you, the members of the family unit or one of your travel companions, the cost of the first night lost at the booked accommodation, up to a maximum of Euro 100.00 per person and per room / housing unit with a limit of Euro 250.00 per night for one of the following reasons:

– breakdown / accident in the vehicle you are using to go to the accommodation facility;

– natural events that prevent you from taking the first means of transport planned to reach the accommodation (eg: ferry, plane, train).