For guests who do not want to just relax or do something new, but prefer to make unique experiences which leave something, the Hotel Oasi offers experiential holiday, a holiday in which you learn how to live the island as a protagonist.

Hotel Oasi aims to offer experiences closely related to the island of Panarea to make known the way of life, customs and traditions of those who live on this beautiful island.

The guest, than to stay in one of our facilities, will be able enjoy the unique thrill of a fishing boat with professional fishermen, admiring the sea in the beautiful landscape of the Aeolian Islands and the spectacular night scenery of the Sciara del Fuoco of the nearby volcano Stromboli, enjoy the magnificent kitchen of the famous restaurant “Da Pina” and discover the most hidden and untouched places of the Island through the nature trail that leads to Punta del Corvo, with its 421 meters, is the highest point of Panarea. Finally, immerse yourself with the body and mind in the magic whirlpool geothermal of Hotel Oasi.

To receive a customized offer Oasi Experience just send a request from the web site.


Hotel Oasi Panarea

Hotel Oasi Panarea

Hotel Oasi Panarea